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Links - Touristic information
You find a lot of information on the following links:

If You stay in Brugge...
- www.brugge.be and than click on 'uit in Brugge' or 'toerisme' or 'musea'
- www.concertgebouw.be: for a theatre, concert, exposition, ...
- www.dolfinarium.be: for a show with dolphins or to go skating.

If You stay in the neighbourhood of Brugge ...
- www.damme-online.be
- www.oostkamp.be
- www.brugseommeland.be
- www.westtoer.be

If You prefer some action or a stay in nature:
- www.bulskampveld.be
- www.fietsroute.org
- www.fietsen-wandelen.be

Or a day at the coast and at the see side:
- www.dekust.be